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Artist's Anatomy Models

Artist's Anatomy models feature accurate, true to form musculature for use as artistic reference as well as other practical applications. What makes our anatomy models unique is the demonstration of the full splay of muscle tissue, as it would appear under the skin. By maintaining the full appearance of the musculature throughout the figure the user has easy access to a one-sixth-scale (1/6th scale or 12") model at his or her fingertips. Enjoy the simplicity of it's design and neutral coloring for ease on the eyes both as a reference tool and as a model that won't conflict with your current decor. Whether you are a digital modeler looking for a Maquette, a fine artist, illustrator, sculptor, medical student, body builder, teacher or you're just looking for something really cool to display in your office, library or study, the Artist's Anatomy human anatomical model is an invaluable instrument that is sure to give you that competitive edge. Features Solid cast construction allows for ease of use, Traditionally hand sculpted for a more organic and truer to life model, 1/6th scale of average male, Comes with a base for added stability when displaying, Currently available in gray color to ease eye strain, Optional removable "anatomically correct parts" for modesty, Constructed of high-end resin like most collectible busts and statues Uses: Reference tool at a manageable size for proportion and perspective studies, Digital modeler's reference as a Maquette for rendering, Medical reference for students, Teacher's aid and educational tool, Display as art piece for the home study, office or library Benefits: Accurate, full body muscle reference helps to achieve a more precise render, Displays easily for better accessibility, For more accurate modeling and character design, Helps with perspective and proportion studies, Achieve better results in your rendering and illustrating, Improve your knowledge and understanding of muscle groups